Project Description

Verrucae are warts that commonly occur on the soles of the feet or around the toe area.  They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is highly contagious through direct person to person contact.
Verrucae are most commonly seen in children, teenagers and young adults as well as those who use communal changing rooms. It is possible to develop an immunity against the virus over time but most people remain susceptible, although some more than others.

In many cases, evidence suggests that verrucae will disappear of their own accord within six months for children but longer for adults (up to two years). This is because the body’s immune system recognises the presence of the virus and fights the infection naturally but it can take many months for this to happen. If it is painless, no treatment may be required as some treatments can be painful especially for children and can cause side-effects.

However, for painful and/or unsightly verrucae or ones which are spreading we are able to offer treatments that can aid the immune system in fighting the infection.

Our in-house treatments vary depending on the individual but we offer silver nitrate, high concentrate salicylic acid, mono chloroacetic acid as well as freezing treatments. All these treatments are included within our routine price of £35.00.

We also offer the highly successful Faulkners Dry Needling treatment. With trials showing a success rate of over 75% in a single treatment, this really is the most effective treatment available. There is an additional charge of £55.00 on top of the routine fee of £35.00 for the treatment.

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