Project Description

This hour-long treatment is designed as the ultimate regenerative and hydration treatment for your feet. Designed by a team of podiatrists, carefully chosen products and ingredients are backed up by techniques to help deliver the most amazing rehydrating and luxurious 1-hour foot therapy.

The first part of this session will consist of routine nail care and treating any specific, problematic areas of your feet.

The second part of this session will then consist of a Himalayan and Epsom Salts scrub which will be applied to detoxify and repair. Prende Nourishing Oil will then be applied, providing a vitamin rich, intensely moisturising effect. This is then followed by a paraffin wax treatment which offers a soothing, softening heat therapy for healthier skin, whilst encouraging circulation helping to alleviate sore, aching joints.  We will then finish your treatment by applying a Dr Remedy enriched nail care colour of your choice.

Paraffin wax heat therapy increases blood flow, tolerance for pain, relaxes muscles & increases hydration in the skin. Intended to moisturise & soften the skin while providing a therapeutic & healing effect to sore and aching joints. Making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from the following conditions:

  • arthritis & rheumatic pain

  • chilblains

  • bursitis

  • eczema and psoriasis

  • sore muscles

  • stiff joints

  • scar tissue

  • inflammation

  • muscle spasm

  • tendonitis

  • sports injury

  • scleraderma

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